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BCAG Headquarters - Boeing
Seattle, Washington

Baugh Construction
900 Poplar Place S. Box 14135
Seattle, WA 98114

Lakeside Industries
26010 180th Ave. S.E.
Kent, WA 98042

Client References:
Tom Holzer, Baugh
Pat Tavenner, Lakeside
Dennis Laukala, Caliber
Firm's Contract Price:
Project Completion Date:
November 1998


Project Highlights:
  • Verify and extend site control
  • Plan check for accuracy
  • Layout and slope staking for roads and access
  • Stake and grade site utilities
  • Layout walks, curbs, and paving
  • As-build improvements
  • Cross section stock piles for determining volumes
Firm's Responsibility:
SAI worked with multiple contractors to provide a range of site survey services. From layout to as-build drawings, SAI provided its required services to each of its contractors concurrently. Lakeside Construction utilized SAI for over six months. During that time Lakeside referred us to the general contractor (Baugh Construction) and to another sub-contractor (Caliber Concrete). Lakeside ranked SAI's performance a "9" on a scale of 1-10 on our performance review. SAI proved it was able to work with multiple contractors and competently worked through conflicting schedules and priorities.
Firm's Project Personnel:
Carol Sanders, P.E. - Don Cuffel - Clint Ames - Survey crew
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