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PCL Construction
Seattle, Washington
PCL Construction Services
275 118th Ave., Suite 105
Bellevue, WA 98105
Client References:
Tim McGannon
Firm's Contract Price:
Approx. $30,000
Project Completion Date:
Ongoing 1999


PCL's Bellevue site plan.

Project Highlights:
  • Establish and extend site control
  • Check plans for accuracy and calculate location of improvements
  • Layout building grid system
  • Stake and grade site utilities
  • Layout and grade walks, curbs, and paving
  • Layout and grade parking lots
  • As-build CADD drawings
Firm's Responsibility:
SAI continues to support PCL, one of the nations largest construction companies, on a variety of projects. During the construction of the Bellevue Commercial office development, SAI was able to respond to requests for survey services quickly and many times, immediately. SAI also made every effort to return to the site field crews that had previous experience with the project layout; SAI saved many field crew hours by not having to re-familiarize a new crew to the project. Having replaced a prior survey firm on this project, SAI far exceeded expectations of PCL's superintendents. SAI continues to support PCL on a variety of projects with layout as requested.
Firm's Project Personnel:
Carol Sanders, P.E. - Don Cuffel - Clint Ames - survey field crew
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