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SAI History
SAI Engineering has grown from a primarily civil and marine engineering firm to a multi-discipline firm. SAI was incorporated in 1991 in Kirkland, Washington. SAI has provided engineering, survey and construction services for a wide range of contractors, municipalities and ports. The following represent some of the project milestones in SAI Engineering’s History.
St. Lawrence Seaway, Maseena, New York
Dye study to determine fate and transport of PCB contamination
SAI Engineering was called in to work on the feasibility study and remedial design for this project located on the Great Lakes. This Reynolds Metals site was found to be contaminated with PCBs both upland and offshore. The employer and client, Woodward-Clyde, handled the upland portion, and SAI worked on all the offshore components.
Port of Seattle - Terminal 115
Dredging design and sampling of dredge material
SAI—along with a team of expert sub-consultants—became the prime consultant for the sampling, design and analysis for this dredging study. The firm was was ranked highly by the Port of Seattle for obtaining permits under an expedited schedule. SAI also saved the Port several thousand dollars by using a new lake sampling method.
Sitcum Waterway Remediation – Tacoma, WA
Water Quality Monitoring
A milestone year as SAI Engineering became incorporated and our employee numbers grew significantly. The Sitcum Waterway project was our biggest to-date—the firm’s first million-dollar contract. SAI conducted field monitoring, collected thousands of water samples for laboratory analysis during construction at this highly visible and large Superfund site. SAI was the prime contractor responsible for four sub-consultants. The project took 14 months with 6-to-7-day workweek.
Port of Portland – Terminal 4
Dredging and Disposal of PAH Contaminated Sediments at a Contained Aquatic Disposal Site
A great job and a great client. SAI was involved with the design plan and worked directly with the Port of Portland. The project included the investigation and monitoring of contaminated sediments. SAI utilized innovative technology applications—like our water quality probe, the SeaBird SBE-19—and developed a monitoring plan for the dredging and disposal activities. SAI was on a 24/7 schedule collecting samples for analysis and performing data evaluation. SAI assisted the Port in completing the required clean-up under the consent decree, two years ahead of schedule. EPA region 10 wrote a letter of commendation to the Port and SAI for a successful program.
Convair Lagoon – San Diego Harbor
In situ Capping – Teledyne Ryan and Ogden Environmental
This was one of our most significant projects to-date. SAI designed the first in situ cap in California at this highly publicized and visible site—a shallow embayment of less than 10 acres in San Diego Harbor. It had the highest PCB contamination on the California coast. The final design incorporated early contractor procurement and turn-key construction. SAI was involved in all aspects of the capping project since development of the Final Remedial Design, including coordination with state and federal regulatory agencies.
Construction Claim Support – Threlkeld
Amidst the acquisition and performance of work, I was trying to make sure that we got paid for our work. What resulted was an extended claim and law-suit. What a learning experience! Having survived somewhat intact, I was fortunate to have learned enough about construction claims to actually work on several for a claims expert, Duane Threlkeld. From contract disputes, to change orders and total cost claims to specific damages, I got a bit of exposure.
Seattle Mariners Stadium
Consultant to Hunt-Kiewit for the Safeco Field project
Upon completion of a large contract with WSCI Construction, SAI was given the opportunity to continue providing survey and engineering services for the Safeco Field project (1996-1998). SAI worked directly for Hunt-Kiewit providing layout and consulting. From the groundbreaking ceremony until the topping off of Safeco Field, SAI played an important role in foreseeing problems and keeping the ballpark on schedule. This milestone project along with creating new partnerships (Don Cuffel came on board) made 1997 a homerun year for SAI Engineering.
City of Seattle, Tolt Water Treatment Plant
Partnering with Dillingham Construction on this design-build contract
SAI teamed with Dillingham Construction on this fast tracked design-build water treatment facility project. SAI’s team was prompt in responding to the dynamic environment of the project including: reconciling multiple grading issues, responding to 24-hour client survey requests, coordinating data with the general contractor’s surrounding construction projects—all from a remote job site.
The Redevelopment of Harbor Island – Terminal 18
Partnering with Washington Group International for a Port of Seattle terminal expansion project
SAI teamed with Washington Group on this $110 million design-build contract to expand Terminal 18 for the Port of Seattle. SAI provided survey solutions for railroad alignment and grade for 16 miles of track. We also supplied critical design, construction survey, and mapping and data management. The differing requirements and the uncharted obstacles, both above and below ground, made this design/ build project a satisfying challenge from the 1999 groundbreaking to its completion in 2002.
Port of Seattle – Seattle International Airport
Asbestos – Earthquake GIS System
SAI Engineering had advocated the merits of a geographic information system (GIS). It was this project—tracking asbestos at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport—where that advocacy really paid off. Here was a powerful query functionality that allowed users to click on a specific area and retrieve available data about the location. This system was a first major step in mapping asbestos throughout the airport. GIS was again validated when a significant earthquake stuck the region in 2000. SAI was able to locate damage points and present repair solutions for the entire airport.
Starbucks International Center
Retrofit of earthquake-damaged building
During the February 2001 earthquake, the Starbucks International Center—a massive, vintage turn-of-the-century building—sustained extensive damage. SAI Engineering quickly responded to our client, Turner Construction, who needed accurate “as-built” information to support extensive restoration of the Center. Our surveyors established controls, determined building alignments, documented structural changes and provided pinpoint accuracy that enabled the subcontractor to prefab many elements. SAI’s relationships with contractors like Turner Construction have resulted in many successful projects like the Starbucks Center.
Central Terminal Expansion
Supporting J.E. Dunn Construction for a Port of Seattle terminal expansion project
SAI supported JE Dunn to perform survey services for the Central Terminal Expansion at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Our team of surveyors and on-site project manager provided verification, control, grid references, construction layout, and as-built drawings. We contributed toward providing the exacting tolerances required for construction of the complex exterior cable-net glazed curtain wall.
Seattle Monorail Project
As-built survey of entire West Seattle route of the monorail Green Line
SAI Engineering provided the survey and as-built / topographic drawings for a significant portion of the Seattle Monorail Green Line. Our surveyors provided horizontal coordinates and elevations for all fixed and permanent structures and utilities along the entire length of the West Seattle route. SAI dedicated multiple field crews and provided daily data collection to complete this project within the client’s tight schedule.
Cedar River Water Treatment Plant
Planning and design of facility for City of Seattle’s water supply
SAI Engineering provided survey services for the planning and design of a new drinking water treatment facility that would provide two-thirds of the City of Seattle’s water supply, serving a population of 1.3 million people. SAI tasks included the establishment of project control, datum verification and coordinates for wetland/sensitive areas as well as construction layout and bathymetric surveys.
Central Light Link
Survey QA/QC for light rail project for Sound Transit
SAI Engineering was a key member of the CH2M Hill team providing quality assurance (QA) surveying services during construction of a 14-mile light rail project for Sound Transit. Our QA/QC survey provided Sound Transit verification that work met contract specifications. SAI’s early detection of errors and inconsistencies minimized additional costs to the contractor and client without affecting project schedules. Work included as-builds, control, settlement monitoring and plan checking.
City of Bellevue Stream Restoration
Project management of this stream stabilization project
SAI Engineering was selected by the City of Bellevue over several reputable contractors to perform this steam restoration project. We coordinated all construction related activities. We monitored water quality, directed stream diversion work and developed controls for traffic and erosion. SAI also managed data transmittals and prepared summary reports.
Sound Transit Central Link Light Rail
Provided survey services to RCI/Herzog Joint Venture
SAI Engineering provided construction survey services to RCI/Herzog JV building the Rainier Valley segment of Sound Transit’s Central Link Light Rail project. This major construction project involved modification of the existing roadway to accommodate installation of a double track light rail system along the center of an extremely busy roadway.
During the early stages of this five year project, SAI provided survey to confirm and extend control, verify drawing accuracy, identify clearing limits, layout retaining walls, paving, miscellaneous concrete and layout for utility re-location and installation, as well new structures. SAI field engineers and surveyors garnished praise for identifying errors and discrepancies and their ability to facilitate timely cost-saving resolutions.
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