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Turner Construction - Exhibition Hall
Seattle, Washington
Turner Construction Company
6260 221 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98104
Client References:
Doug Lageson
Firm's Contract Price:
Project Completion Date:
Mid 1999


SAI set and maintained control around the perimeter of the site of the new exhibition hall and parking garage next to the Kingdome.

Project Highlights:
  • Monitored site control for settlement.
  • Prepared updated electronic drawings
  • Submitted weekly settlement/movement analysis to King County
Firm's Responsibility:
SAI quickly responded to the need for prompt monitoring to the surrounding south side of the Kingdome property and adjacent roadways. While providing Turner Construction with accurate settlement/movement analysis to be submitted to King County, our firm responded to the changing needs of Turner Construction. Our services resulted in adhering to a fast-track schedule, which prevented delays due to changing site conditions. As data in the field was collected, it was downloaded to our civil/survey software, compared to the existing CADD site plan and updated to replace previous monitoring data. This enabled us to show changes due to settlement and movement over time. SAI continues to provide on-call services to Turner Construction during the construction of the Exhibition Hall.
Firm's Project Personnel:
Carol Sanders, P.E. - Don Cuffel - Clint Ames - James Johnson - survey field crew
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